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We leverage the most advanced technologies available to give patients flawless results. Our surgeons have extensive experience performing surgeries with the use of computer-aided preplanning and 3D imaging. Del Rey Face offers maxillomandibular advancement (double jaw surgery). Other advanced procedures include orthognathic surgery, genioglossus advancement, hyoid suspension, and palate surgery.

Sonicweld Resorbable Fixation

SonicWeld resorbable fixation is a method of securing bone in a patient-friendly way. Instead of inserting permanent pins, this system uses pins that naturally dissolve in the body and leave no trace of prior surgery. When inserted, the specialized material liquefies, allowing it to penetrate minuscule bone cavities, then hardens, forming a secure anchor. Over time, these pins dissolve as the bone heals. Once resorbed, the pins cannot even be detected by X-ray or CT scan.

Augmented Reality and Stereotactic Image Navigation

Advanced technologies such as augmented reality and stereotactic image navigation allow our surgeons to perform cranioplasty surgery with increased precision. The Scopis Stryker augmented reality system merges together endoscopic images and 3D background images, helping the surgeon analyze complex anatomy, plan a detailed surgical approach, and navigate the area safely. This all results in lower risk of damage to the surrounding area and reduced scarring.

3D Medical Printing

The advent of 3D printing has been a breakthrough in the medical field, and our founding surgeons have pioneered the use of this developing technology. Using 3D medical printing, our surgeons are able to create exact anatomical models that are specific to each patient, a valuable tool in the surgical planning process.

Virtual Surgical Planning

Craniomaxillofacial surgery is a blend of art and science. At Del Rey Face, we employ a host of cutting-edge technology, including Microsoft Surface Studio tablets and sophisticated CAD design software in the virtual surgical planning process. With this process, we are able to design your new look and plan every minute detail of surgery to achieve the best possible results and ensure that patients know what to expect.

Ultrasonic Bone-Cutting Technology

Ultrasonic bone-cutting technology is a minimally invasive way to cut through delicate craniofacial bones. This innovative technology uses high-frequency microvibrations that slice through bone with remarkable precision, leaving the surrounding soft tissues intact. Not only does this mean less blood loss during surgery, it also results in less pain and quicker recovery for the patient.

3D CT Imaging

Three-dimensional CT technology creates highly detailed renditions of a patient’s anatomy that are used in the surgical planning process. After a quick, painless digital scan of the patient’s face and head, 3D images are generated in minutes. Your surgeon will use these images along with advanced software to explore all possibilities and design a natural new look.


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