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Body sculpting, sometimes called body feminization or body contouring, is a powerful tool for developing your own ideal feminine form. Differences in sex hormones contribute to the different ways men and women typically carry weight on their bodies. This can lead some transgender women to be unhappy with their natural body frame. Hormone therapy and lifestyle changes, such as modified diet and exercise, can help. But when those do not successfully get you the physique you want, body sculpting is an excellent choice. This can involve a simple procedure such as removing fat from the trunk with liposuction in order to slim down the waist and highlight the hips.

In addition, multiple procedures can be paired together to redistribute weight from one area to another in order to achieve a curvier silhouette. For example, fat can be removed from the trunk with liposuction, then used to augment the buttocks. Every body is unique, and there is no one perfect female figure. But the doctors at Del Rey Face will work with you to decide how you can get the body you can feel good in.

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