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For many people, breasts are quintessentially feminine. They are seen as a defining characteristic of the female form. For this reason, breast augmentation is often one of the first procedures people consider when going through a male-to-female transition. Because there is such a strong association between breasts and femininity, this type of plastic surgery can give transgender women a dramatic boost in self-esteem and help them feel more comfortable in their bodies. Breast augmentation surgery, sometimes called MTF top surgery, is a great option to consider when hormone replacement therapy hasn’t led to sufficient breast development.

What is Top Surgery for Transgender Women?

Top surgery for transgender women and nonbinary people increases breast size using tissue expanders, breast implants, and/or fat transfer. You might also hear this type of gender affirmation procedure referred to as breast augmentation, feminizing breast surgery, male-to-female top surgery, transfeminine top surgery, and chest construction.

Know that this procedure is not just about making the breasts larger but can also be used to perfect their shape, lift, and fullness. The surgery is extremely common and very safe, with a relatively short recovery time and low risk of complications. There are different techniques used to do breast augmentation as well as different types of implants, and your doctor will work with you to create a fully customized surgical plan that will give you the best results possible. 

Benefits of Feminizing Breast Surgery

There are many advantages that come with physically transitioning to your self-affirmed gender through breast augmentation surgery. Some of the potential benefits you can expect include:

  • You can stop wearing artificial breasts and padded bras.
  • You can often achieve more dramatic results than with hormone therapy alone.
  • The surgery is safe and relatively quick.
  • You can enjoy the physical attributes that align with your gender identity.
  • You may feel more confident and your self-image may improve.
  • You can expand your wardrobe and rediscover the joy of getting dressed. 
  • The surgery can be combined with other gender-affirming procedures.
  • Post-surgical discomfort is minimal and can be managed with medication.
  • Your results should be long-lasting.

Candidates for MTF Top Surgery In Los Angeles

Not all transgender women and nonbinary people relate to their bodies in the same way. If you are experiencing discomfort because your gender identity does not match your physical appearance, breast augmentation surgery might be a perfect way to achieve that harmony.

You must be at least 18 years old to receive saline implants and at least 21 years old for silicone implants.

In order to qualify for surgery, you may also be required to obtain a letter of support from a mental health provider who is competent in transgender health.

Additionally, ideal candidates for transfeminine top surgery typically undergo hormone therapy for at least 12 months prior to their breast procedure unless they are unwilling or unable to do so.

A consultation is the best way to determine if transfeminine top surgery is right for you. The skilled and compassionate doctors at Del Rey Face will gladly evaluate your candidacy.

Preparing for MTF Breast Augmentation

Before your procedure, you will book a consultation with the doctors at Del Rey Face. During this visit, we will evaluate your health and situation in order to recommend specific techniques. We also use the latest technology to help you visualize the results you may be able to achieve.

Our doctors will provide detailed information about your specific surgical plan, the location of your operation, and whether or not you can expect to need any follow-up procedures.

Additionally, we will give you instructions regarding eating and drinking, quitting smoking, adjusting your medications, and any other steps you need to take to get ready for surgery.

Are There Any Risks with MTF Breast Augmentation?

Although our MTF Breast Augmentation procedure is a safe one, patients may still experience common side effects such as soreness, tenderness, and swelling in the first 24 hours after your procedure. Beyond this time, patients should begin to notice a slow decrease in overall pain. However, just like any other surgery, MTF Breast Augmentation may come with a few risks.

These can include:

  • Pain upon touch
  • Infection
  • Changes in nipple and breast sensation
  • Implant movement
  • Implant leakage or rupture
  • Scarring
  • Development of scar tissue that can alter the shape of the implant

Under the care of Dr. Farhad Sigari, Dr. David Rosenberg, and Dr. Bounmany Kyle Keojampa, the complications of these risks are minimal as their years of experience and expertise have led many patients through successful breast augmentations. The highly trained surgical team at Del Rey Face are committed to prioritizing patient satisfaction as well as comfort and safety.

What Is the Recovery Process after the MTF Breast Augmentation Procedure?

The recovery process may differ from patient to patient, but on average, a full recovery from MTF Breast Augmentation can take four to six weeks. Immediately following your procedure, you will be required to rest until the anesthesia wears off. Once you arrive home, it is recommended to refrain from strenuous activities and to be gentle with your body, especially around your chest area. You may feel pain and discomfort in your first 24 hours back home. If this is the case, over-the-counter medications can be taken unless your doctor has prescribed other pain medication to help you feel comfortable.

During your recovery period, it is important to follow the aftercare guidelines provided by your doctor to achieve optimal results free of complications. After a full six weeks, most patients feel little to no discomfort and are able to return back to work and their normal routines.

Is My MTF Breast Augmentation Procedure Covered By Insurance?

Many of the major insurance providers can cover transgender-related healthcare, including breast augmentations. Insured patients may benefit from partial or full coverage depending on their provider. However, if your insurance does not cover the cost of the procedure, our team is happy to discuss payment options with you to help you reach your goal. At Del Rey Face, we understand the need to feel comfortable, confident, and happy in your own body, and are eager to help our patients achieve that.

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