Out of Town Patient Guide


Many of our patients live out of the immediate Los Angeles area, outside the state of California, and even outside the United States. Because so many patients travel long distances to see us, we’d like to provide you some helpful information on how to consult us, and plan your stay.
Many of our procedures are done in our comfortable surgical suite or in-office, and do not require significant recovery time. However long your stay, Marina Del Rey offers a great vacation experience for those visiting Los Angeles from out of town.

Our front-office staff is glad to advise you on the arrangements for your trip. We have extensive experience in providing the highest level of patient care to our out-of-town patients. We are committed to making all aspects of your treatment comfortable and enjoyable, from initial consultation to recovery. Enjoy your stay in Los Angeles!


If you cannot easily travel to Los Angeles, you may want to have an initial consultation over the phone, email and/or Internet call (such as Skype). Our doctors are happy to work with you to assess your condition and your needs via remote consultation before you come into the office. We conduct remote consultations very often and we’ll work to put you at ease through the entire process.

There are some basics that we need from you for this type of consultation:

Patient forms, including your health history.
Description and/or photos of your condition, if applicable.
Up to an hour of your time, free from interruptions.
Once our doctors consult with you, we will have a better idea of your potential treatment plan. We will ensure that you are well-informed about the potential procedures that may be used for your treatment and are available to you via phone, email or Internet call to address your questions before you make a decision.

Preparation for Your Procedure

Once we decide on a procedure, you will be in contact with our surgery scheduler and we will send you all pre-operative instructions and paperwork. If any lab tests are needed, you can complete those tests close to home and send us the results at least a week before your procedure.

We will take care of everything medically needed for your visit. You should plan to arrive at least a day before your scheduled procedure. The recovery time may vary, depending on your treatment, so we will prepare you for the anticipated recovery when we discuss your case.

Travel Arrangements

Most patients fly into Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), which is a very short drive, cab ride or rideshare from our office. We recommend Uber or Lyft for those who are familiar with the services, or LAX Transport at (310) 869-8906.

As one of the top travel destinations in Los Angeles, Marina Del Rey has several local hotels to choose from, all within an easy drive from our office. Here are a few of the closest and most convenient:
The Ritz-Carlton Marina Del Rey
Marina Del Rey Hotel
Hilton Garden Inn Marina Del Rey

For more information about visiting from out of town for your surgery, please contact our office. You can fill out our online contact form, send an email to info@delreysinus.com, or call our office at (310) 823-4444. We look forward to welcoming you in Los Angeles!

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