Vitamin Injections


Did you know that deficiencies in nutrients such as B vitamins and especially B-12 can contribute to low energy. B-12 especially can be difficult for some individuals to absorb through their stomach, making the injection the best way to guarantee absorption. B-12 has been shown to have beneficial results in reducing stress, fatigue, regulating the immune system, improving memory, and increasing metabolism.

At Del Rey Aesthetics we offer two types of B-12 shots. The regular B-12 shot, and Super B-12 shot, which also contains Amino Acids and Vitamin C to boost metabolism further, possibly help with weight loss, improve wound healing, and help with collagen rejuvenation.

If you feel tired or a bit sluggish, on the verge of getting sick, or just want to complement your cosmetic treatments, come in for a quick pick me up with a healthy Vitamin shot. No appointment necessary for Vitamin Injections.

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