Facial Implants


The primary use of facial implant procedures is to bring more balance to your face and help you to achieve the look you want. Implants, which are solids that are inserted under the skin of the face, are usually used to provide a stronger or more prominent chin, jaw or cheekbones. The effect of these procedures can be to provide greater facial balance, a younger look and better facial contours, without having a facelift. Our board-certified facial plastic surgeons are expert at working with your individual concerns.

Chin Implants

If you have a small or recessed chin, a chin implant can enhance the size or reshape your chin area. Called a mentoplasty, this surgery involves inserting an implant to increase the volume, and/or reshaping the bone of the chin.

Jaw Implants

Jam implants are used to increase the width of the lower face. They can help define the jaw and create separate lines and curvatures apart from the neck, ear and chin.

Cheek Implants

These implants are used to give more prominent cheekbones, which also gives fullness to the cheeks and a more youthful look.

How are the procedures performed?

Facial implant operations are often done using light-sleep anesthesia. The procedures can takes from one to two hours to perform, and may be combined with other facial surgeries. The incisions are placed to be as inconspicuous as possible.

What is the recovery like? 

You may experience moderate discomfort following surgery and you may need to limit yourself to liquids and soft foods for a couple of days because of difficulty chewing. You can have a full return to work and normal activities within seven to 10 days. You may experience some level of swelling for several weeks after the surgery, and the full result will be visible in a few months.

We are proud to have helped many patients achieve the look they want with facial implants. Contact us today to see how we can help you to love your look, too.

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