Otoplasty (Ear Pinning)


Giving you the look you want for your ears

Otoplasty, also known as ear tuck or ear pinning, is a cosmetic procedure that changes the shape, position, or size of your ears. Many of our otoplasty patients don’t like their ears for a variety of reasons: they are too large, they angle away from the head, they are misshapen from traumatic injury or a birth defect. Whatever your own case may be, the board-certified doctors of Del Rey Aesthetics Center are ready to help. We take great care to work with you on your goals and recommend the treatment that will meet your expectations and give you a look you will love.

How is otoplasty surgery done?

We usually perform otoplasty under a general anesthetic.The procedure will take up to about two hours. A small incision is made on the backside of the ear and permanent stitches are used to bend the ear and hold it in the corrected position. Sometimes we remove a small section of the ear cartilage to assist with the ear repositioning. You will generally not have any discomfort immediately after surgery. Dissolving stitches are used to close the skin incision in otoplasty procedures.

What is the recovery from otoplasty surgery?

You may have some swelling and bruising from the surgery, but you can resume your normal activities within a day or two. During the recovery, you will have to wear bandages for a few days. After the bandages are removed, you will have to avoid sleeping on your side until the swelling, itching, and discoloration goes down.

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