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Scars and wound healing are difficult to control. Simply put, a scar is just the visible trace left when a wound heals. The way a scar develops depends on many factors including how your body heals, the features of the original injury, and on the surgeon’s skills who initially treated the wound.

Many variables can affect the severity of scarring, including the size and depth of the wound, the blood supply to the area, the thickness and color of your skin, and the direction of the scar. If you would like to change the appearance of your scars, the board-certified doctors of Del Rey Aesthetics Center are equipped with the latest techniques to help you look and feel your best.

When should you treat a scar?
Many scars that appear large and unattractive at first may become less noticeable with time. Some can be treated with steroid injections to relieve symptoms such as tenderness and itching. For these reasons, we usually recommend waiting a year after an injury or surgery before you decide to have scar revision.

Scar revision treatments or surgery

We may approach your scar revision with topical treatments, minimally invasive treatment or a surgical procedure, depending on the type and degree of your scar. Minimally invasive treatments can include laser resurfacing, pressure treatments, steroid or Botox injections.

If we recommend scar revision surgery, it can usually be performed right here in our offices in Marina Del Rey, using only local anesthesia alone. You may wish to combine scar revision with another cosmetic procedure. Once your revision is complete, advanced closure techniques such as W-plasty or Z-plasty may be used to ensure that your remaining wound is as well-closed and inconspicuous as possible.

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