Hairline Feminization Surgery in Los Angeles: Hair Grafting

A woman looking at her hairline and considering hair grafting

Hair grafting is a gender reassignment treatment that creates a natural, more feminine hairline.

For transgender women, a hairline that better aligns with their gender identity can be a significant step toward a more fulfilling self-image. 

The experienced surgeons at Del Rey Face in Marina Del Rey, CA, specialize in hair grafting. Our services are tailored specifically for transgender women seeking facial feminization. 

About Hairline Feminization

Male hairlines tend to have receded corners above the temples, creating an “M” shape. A female hairline has a softer, rounder shape. It also typically sits lower on the forehead.

Hair grafting involves placing individual hair follicles to achieve this desired look. It can enhance facial harmony and contribute to a more feminine appearance.

Benefits of Hair Grafting for Hairline Feminization

Hair grafting offers many advantages for transgender women seeking facial feminization:

  • Natural-Looking Results: This treatment utilizes your own hair follicles. It ensures a natural and permanent solution.
  • Softer Hairline: The procedure creates a smoother, rounder hairline. This result better aligns with conventionally feminine features.
  • Reduced Appearance of Receding Hairline: Hair grafting can address temporal hair loss. This issue is a common concern for many transgender women.
  • Shorter Recovery Time: Grafting is minimally invasive. It comes with less recovery time than traditional surgical techniques.

What to Expect

The hair grafting treatment itself generally involves two main steps: extraction and implantation.  

First, the surgeon will remove healthy hair follicles, one by one, from a donor area on the back of the scalp. They often choose this area because of its dense hair growth.  

A woman smiling and showing her hairline after a hair grafting procedure

Next, the surgeon meticulously creates tiny recipient sites in the area where the new hair follicles will be placed. They then implant each follicle in its designated site to promote natural-looking growth.


Is the Procedure Painful?

The service is performed with local anesthesia. This helps to minimize any pain or discomfort during the extraction and implantation processes.

How Long Does Recovery Last?

Recovery is generally short. Most patients are able to return to normal activities within a few days.

How Long Does It Take to See Results?

On average, it can take around six months to populate the new hairline. You may notice results sooner or later than this, depending on. your unique situation.

Can You Combine Hairline Feminization with Other Procedures?

Hair grafting can be performed in conjunction with facial feminization surgery. Doing so will maximize results while minimizing the number of appointments and surgeries you go through.

Why Choose Del Rey Face?

Some of the country’s top surgeons perform our facial feminization treatments at Del Rey Face. This includes hair grafting for transgender women, as well as various body sculpting procedures.

At our world-class surgical center, we use advanced techniques and focus on a personalized approach to ensure optimal results. Our dedicated team focuses on your comfort and emotional well-being throughout your journey.

Schedule a Hair Grafting Consultation Today

At Del Rey Face in Marina Del Rey, CA, we empathize with transgender women’s unique needs and are committed to helping you achieve a more confident and authentic you. We can’t wait to discuss your hair goals and determine if hair grafting is right for you. 

During your consultation, we will address all your questions and discuss the procedure in detail. Contact Del Rey Face today at 415-666-2525 and take the first step towards a more fulfilling self-image.


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