Hairline Feminization Surgery in Los Angeles: Hair Grafting

Hairline Feminization and Hair Grafting in LA

Hairline feminization surgery and hair transplants are another important part of gender reassignment therapy. Traditionally, men’s hairlines tend to be higher than those of women, and they frequently have receded corners above the temples that create an “M” shape. For transgender women looking to feminize their appearance, moving the hairline forward and giving it a round shape can make a big impact. There are multiple ways to achieve this. One is called a scalp advancement, in which the scalp itself is repositioned.

Another option is hair grafting, a procedure in which hair follicles are removed from the back of the head and transplanted to areas at the hairline so that they cover any temporal balding or create a more desirable hairline. While hair grafting can take about six months to populate the new hairline, it is highly effective. Hair grafting in our Marina del Rey practice can be performed in conjunction with facial feminization surgery in order to maximize results while minimizing the number of appointments and surgeries you go through.


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