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You don’t have to spend countless hours attempting to contour your face with makeup—even with great results, makeup can’t give you the appearance you really want. At Del Rey Aesthetics Center in Marina Del Rey and Long Beach, California, Monica Kieu, DO, offers surgical facial contouring to reduce double chins, slim the cheeks, and more. Book your appointment using the online booking tool now, or call the office nearest you to schedule today.

Facial Contouring

What can I do to get rid of my double chin?

Fat removal in the submental region, also known as the double chin area, is one of the most popular facial contouring requests at Del Rey Aesthetics Center. Dr. Kieu offers two options for submental fat removal: Kybella® and submental liposuction. Kybella is an injectable treatment, and submental lipo is a surgery.

How does Kybella treatment work?

Dr. Kieu delivers Kybella directly into your double chin, in a series of many small injections. The active ingredient in Kybella, a synthetic version of the deoxycholic acid that occurs naturally in your body, permanently destroys fat cells over time.

The fat cells Kybella destroys can’t hold fat any longer, and you’ll eliminate those dead cells naturally over the coming months. Most patients need a minimum of two Kybella treatments, at least one month apart.

Usually, you’ll notice results after the second treatment. You can expect a significant reduction in double chin fat and an improved profile. Kybella results are permanent.

How does submental lipo work?

In submental liposuction, Dr. Kieu creates very small incisions in well-concealed places under your chin and then suctions excess fat out. Submental lipo is an effective way to contour your chin and jaw into the dimensions you want, and the results are immediate.

Although some mild swelling and discomfort are normal after submental lipo, most patients recover quite quickly thanks to the small incisions and minimally invasive nature of the procedure. Dr. Kieu removes your stitches during a post-op appointment during the week after your submental lipo procedure.

What is buccal fat pad removal?

The buccal fat pads are low in your cheeks. If your buccal fat pads are prominent, you may have a very round or puffy-cheeked look you don’t like. Fortunately, there’s a simple facial contouring procedure that can help: Buccal fat pad removal.

In this procedure, Dr. Kieu fully numbs the cheek area and then makes small incisions in your inside cheek, moving through the buccinator muscle to get to your fat pad. She teases the fat pad out and closes the incision with dissolvable sutures. Dr. Kieu repeats the process for your other cheek to give you evenly contoured cheeks.

For facial contouring that looks gorgeous and lasts, schedule your consultation with Dr. Kieu now. Call Del Rey Aesthetics Center or use the online booking tool today! Same day consultations are available.