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For men and women alike, self-confidence is often much better with a great head of hair. Monica Kieu, DO, the hair restoration expert at Del Rey Aesthetics Center in Marina Del Rey and Long Beach, California, can help you recapture the healthy and lustrous hair you want. Dr. Kieu offers hair restoration surgery as well as non-surgical hair restoration using platelet-rich plasma (PRP). Book your hair restoration consultation by phone or through the online scheduler today.

Hair Restoration

How do hair transplants work?

Hair transplants at Del Rey Aesthetics Center can take two different forms: Follicular unit extraction (FUE) and follicular unit transplantation (FUT, or the strip technique).

Follicular unit extraction

In the FUE technique, Dr. Kieu removes individual follicular units, which contain between one and four hairs each, from your scalp in areas where you have plenty of healthy donor follicles.

She moves these follicles to the area where your hair is thinning. Because Dr. Kieu removes the donor follicles in a random pattern instead of in a large patch, you likely won't even notice a significant decrease in hair in the donor area.

Follicular unit transplantation

In FUT, Dr. Kieu removes small strips of scalp tissue, which contain healthy donor follicles. She then extracts the hair follicles from the scalp strip and implants them in the area where your hair is thinning.

The donor strips are taken from the back of your head to make the donor site as inconspicuous as possible. FUT allows for larger follicle transplants at one time.

Dr. Kieu will discuss both FUE and FUT with you, along with other possible options like scalp reduction, to help you decide which option is best for you.

What is hair restoration surgery recovery like?

Recovery is quite smooth, and you can usually manage any discomfort easily with over-the-counter medicine. Usually, you can wash your hair after a couple of days. If you have stitches, Dr. Kieu removes them within a couple of weeks during a follow-up appointment.

What is PRP hair restoration?

PRP therapy is a non-surgical option for hair restoration. The platelets contained in your blood are full of growth factors that can stimulate follicle healing and new hair growth. But, to enjoy that benefit you need to get those growth factors directly into the thinning areas of your scalp. That’s where PRP therapy comes in.

For PRP therapy, Dr. Kieu draws a blood sample from your arm and then concentrates the platelets in a centrifuge machine. She injects the PRP into the areas where your hair is sparse.

Most patients get the best hair restoration results with a series of three PRP treatments, each a couple of weeks apart. Once you’ve achieved the hair regrowth you want, you can maintain it with PRP sessions two or three times a year.

Use the online scheduler or call Del Rey Aesthetics Center to book your hair restoration consultation now.