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Monica Kieu, DO

Facial Plastic Surgeon located in Marina Del Rey, CA & Long Beach, CA

With the right skin care treatments, you can restore a youthful look without surgery. At Del Rey Aesthetics Center in Marina Del Rey and Long Beach, California, skilled and enthusiastic plastic surgeon Monica Kieu, DO, offers a range of treatments including microneedling, chemical peels, and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy to help you get gorgeous skin. Book your appointment now by phone or through the online scheduler.


What is microneedling?

Microneedling is a popular skin care option for both the face and the body. During this treatment, Dr. Kieu uses a state-of-the-art microneedling tool to make tiny skin punctures in the treatment area. Your body reacts to the micro-wounds by increasing blood flow, producing new collagen, and making new elastin.

Microneedling can improve your skin tone and texture, eliminate sun damage, smooth wrinkles, and enhance your skin's overall look. It can also help with stretch marks and scars anywhere on your body. Dr. Kieu does this treatment on-site at Del Rey Aesthetics Center, and there’s no downtime at all.

What is platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy?

PRP therapy is a skin care option that can help you reverse aging naturally. For this treatment, Dr. Kieu draws a small amount of your blood and then uses a high-tech centrifuge to concentrate the growth factors within your plasma. She then uses microneedling to deliver the PRP directly below your skin.

The microneedling and PRP work together to stimulate blood flow, prompt new collagen and elastin growth, and heal damaged skin. There’s no downtime with a PRP facial, but you may have facial redness and sensitive skin for around a week. You can have smoother and more youthful skin within just a few weeks.

What is a chemical peel?

A chemical peel can be a great way to get a fresh lease on your skin's life. Del Rey Aesthetics Center has a variety of medical-grade chemical peels to help you shed damaged skin, reduce oil overproduction, and start the healing process. Part of the healing process involves new collagen production, which helps smooth out wrinkles that remain after shedding damaged skin.

Dr. Kieu can recommend a chemical peel based on your needs, from acne to sun damage to anti-aging and beyond.

How do skin care treatments combine with cosmetic injectables?

Skin care treatments like microneedling, PRP facials, and chemical peels can combine quite well with cosmetic injectables like Juvéderm® or Botox®. The skin care treatments can rejuvenate your skin while the injectables smooth out deeper wrinkles or add extra volume below the skin.

Dr. Kieu will discuss your needs and goals with you so you can choose the right skin care treatments. Book your appointment at Del Rey Aesthetics Center online or by phone today.