Gender Reassignment Treatments in Marina Del Rey

Many of our patients choose Del Rey Face because of our broad-ranging expertise, including facial feminization surgery, breast and buttock augmentation, hair grafting, and body sculpting. We look at each person holistically and help them address many aspects of gender reassignment therapy in the convenience of one office.

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Facial Feminization

Focusing on subtle changes to the forehead, hairline, jawline, lips, nose, eyelids, and other details, facial feminization surgery can make a dramatic difference in giving patients a classically feminine look.

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Body Sculpting

Also called body contouring, body sculpting helps transgender women attain a more traditionally feminine figure. This can involve slimming down the waist and adding curve to the hips to create a classic hourglass shape.

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Breast Augmentation

Top surgery, or breast augmentation, is one way transgender women can feminize their figure. Surgery increases breast size and modifies breast shape, using implants or the patient’s own cells to safely achieve the desired look.

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Buttocks Augmentation

This procedure can add some lift and fullness to your backside to achieve a more curvy, classically feminine silhouette. Butt augmentation can be done using implants or fat cells from elsewhere on your body.

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Hair Grafting

Transplanting hair via grafting is a precise, effective way to modify the hairline and correct hair loss. Hair follicles are relocated from one area to another to change the hairline or thicken a balding area.

Advanced Technology for Gender Affirmation

We leverage the most advanced technologies available to give patients flawless results. Our surgeons have extensive experience performing surgeries aided by virtual surgical planning, 3D CT imaging and augmented reality tools. We also utilize latest generation ultrasonic bone-cutting technology.


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