What Happens During an Adam’s Apple Reduction?

Marks in a man on an Adams apple The Adam’s apple is a very noticeable difference between men and women. When you are deciding on which facial feminization surgery (FFS) procedures to have, Adam’s apple reduction is an option. Read on for more information about what is involved during this procedure.

How Is the Adam’s Apple Reduced?

The Adam’s apple is that bump in the front of the throat that men and some women have. It is made up of thyroid cartilage. Because it is such a masculine trait, an Adam’s apple reduction is almost always a part of FFS.

Adam’s apple reduction is also known as a “tracheal shave” or a “thyroid cartilage reduction.” It involves reducing the size of the Adam’s apple to make the neck and throat look smoother and more feminine. It must be done correctly – if too little cartilage is removed, some cartilage may regrow. If too much is removed or it is removed incorrectly, there is a risk for long-term hoarseness or damage to the voice.

It is typically performed in one of two ways:

  • The indirect approach. This involves an incision just under the chin. The throat muscles are separated to expose the cartilage. The benefit of this technique is that the scar is not on the front of the neck, and so if there is any scarring it is less visible.
  • The direct approach. This technique involves a small incision directly over the thyroid cartilage.

Recovery from an Adam’s apple reduction may include a sore throat, bruising, swelling, and some difficulty swallowing. During your consultation, your doctor can help you decide if an Adam’s apple reduction is right for you, and if so, he or she will discuss with you which technique will be used and what you can expect before, during, and after the surgery.

An Adam’s apple reduction must be performed by an experienced team of medical professionals to avoid damaging the vocal cords and to make sure you get the results you want. If you are interested in a tracheal shave, contact Del Rey Face for a consultation today. Call the office in Marina Del Rey, California, at 310-823-4444.


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