How Technology Can Help You Get the Look You Want

Augmented Reality VFX In Hospital Medical Lab with High Tech Equipment. The staff at Del Rey Face wants to help you achieve your feminization goals, and one way they do this is by using the most advanced technology available. Read on to find out more about how this technology can benefit you!

Technology Helps To Provide Amazing Results

Technology has come a long way in the past couple of decades, and it is used to its full advantage at Del Rey Face. Here are just a few examples:

  • Virtual surgical planning. It can be difficult for patients to imagine what the outcome of surgery will be – software used at Del Rey Face can plan every detail and show you a sneak peek of the final results.
  • 3D CT imaging. After a painless scan of the face and head, this technology can help you and your surgeon to explore all possibilities for your new look.
  • SonicWeld resorbable fixation. This system helps to secure bone during surgery using special pins. Unlike the old-fashioned way of securing bone using permanent pins during an operation, the material used in this technique hardens to secure bone, then dissolves over time as the bone heals.
  • Ultrasonic bone-cutting technology. This technique for cutting through craniofacial bones leaves soft tissue intact, which means less blood loss, less pain, and a quicker recovery time. It uses high-frequency microvibrations to cut through bone with extreme precision.
  • Augmented reality and stereotactic image navigation. Cranioplasty surgery must be performed very precisely. This system helps the surgeon to analyze the area to be operated on, create a detailed approach, and perform the procedure safely and successfully, with less risk of damage to the surrounding area and reduced risk of scarring.

Working with the latest in technology is just one more way the staff at Del Rey Face ensures that patients get the results they want. These tools allow the patient to get a glimpse as to what the final results will be and allow surgery to be performed successfully and safely. If you are wondering what Del Rey Face can do for you, call the office in Marina Del Rey, California, for a consultation. Call 310-823-4444 today.


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