How To Prepare for Buttocks Augmentation

buttocks augmentation For many people in the middle of their gender transition journey, achieving a more feminine look to their backside or buttocks can play an important part in feeling most like who they truly are. Because men carry fat differently from women, specifically less in the back and around the buttocks, a buttocks augmentation is often a crucial step in their gender-affirming surgical process.

At Del Rey Face, our surgeons have years of professional experience working with transgender and nonbinary people to achieve self-confidence that matches who they are on both the outside and the inside. When it comes to augmentation and recovery, however, this journey can prove difficult, but with the right preparation, your procedure is sure to go smoothly.

Here are a few things you can do in order to best prepare for your buttocks augmentation, making the process and recovery a little bit easier for you, your surgeon, and those helping you recover.

Implement a Balanced Diet

When it comes to achieving the perfect, lifted look to your buttocks, it’s important to understand that your weight will play a role in the appearance of the results from your augmentation. Suddenly gaining or losing a significant amount of weight may alter the appearance of your buttocks that you achieve from your procedure. Maintaining a stable weight through eating a balanced diet can help prevent this alteration.

Establish a Healthy Exercise Routine

Along with a healthy diet, establishing a light exercise routine can not only help with maintaining a stable weight but can also help you get back to normal movement after your surgery. While you may experience some soreness post-procedure, light exercise can help this side-effect disappear faster. Focusing on core-strengthening, leg, and thigh exercises can also help you to take pressure off your buttocks while in recovery, allowing for longer-lasting results.

Speak With Your Doctor About Stopping Medications

It’s important to consult your primary doctor about stopping any medications you’re on before beginning your buttocks augmentation, as it may interfere with the procedure and complicate your recovery. Despite this, the team at Del Rey Face is ready and committed to helping you have the safest, most comfortable buttocks augmentation experience possible.

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