BBL vs. Buttocks Implants: Which Is Right for You?

bbl During your gender-affirming care, you may consider buttocks augmentation. Buttocks augmentation can help add volume to the region, accentuating or even adding curves.

You may be uncertain about which buttocks augmentation to get. Brazilian butt lifts (BBLs) or buttocks implants are the two most common options. Let’s walk you through the difference between the two and why your doctor may suggest one over the other.

Brazilian Butt Lifts

BBLs utilize your body’s fat, usually from the waist and abdomen, and redistribute it to your buttocks.

Not only can this enhance the appearance of your buttocks by adding size to the area, but it can further accentuate the curves by making the waist thinner and the stomach flatter, depending on where the fat was harvested.

A BBL can be a great option considering the low risk of allergic reactions. Since the fat utilized is yours, your body will not likely have an allergic reaction.

BBLs require extensive training in order for the results to be aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting. If not done properly with adequate planning, the skin may sag, or the fat transfer may not ‘take,’ where the fat cells transferred die.

You should consult with a doctor to understand how a BBL can be performed with you and your fat stores. In some instances, if you have limited fat, a BBL may not be for you.

Buttocks Implants

If you do not have enough fat for a BBL or if you are looking for a more permanent solution, buttocks implants may be for you. Under supervision and performed by a trained, experienced doctor, buttocks implants can also offer a natural-looking buttocks enhancement.

Unlike BBLs, there are greater risks of allergic reactions due to the insertion of implants. While recovery time is similar to a BBL, lasting typically two to three months, buttocks implants may result in swelling that prevents you from seeing your final results for three to six months.

Del Rey Face Is Ready to Talk Your Options Through With You

When considering buttocks augmentation, regardless of the type of augmentation you choose, choosing the right doctor is equally important. Without an experienced, knowledgeable, and capable physician, you may be faced with unsatisfactory results.

At Del Rey Face, our capable team has earned their education at some of the world’s top universities and facilities, including Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and the University of Chicago. Their knowledge is acclaimed as Dr. Bounmany Keojampa has taught at Harvard Medical School while medical director, Dr. Farhad Sigari, has presented papers on the national and international stages.

To have their renowned knowledge and experience at your disposal, call us at 310-823-4444 today for a consultation.


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