Body Sculpting Compared to Other Cosmetic Procedures

body-sculpting-procedure Body sculpting is a common procedure many choose to achieve a desired feminine form. It is a more blanket coverage classification of procedures that work on your overall appearance to reach the aesthetic goals you’ve shared with us at Del Ray Face. With that being said, it can be hard to decide where you should start your cosmetic procedure journey. Is it better to go with a specific body feature procedure like breast augmentation over body sculpting? Is it better to do one before the other? Should you plan multiple procedures ahead of time? All of these questions about body sculpting procedures and more will be answered below for your convenience.

How Is Body Sculpting Different?

Body Sculpting involves looking at your limbs and torso in general and enhancing them to your specifications to complete your overall look. This is somewhat different than a typical cosmetic procedure as it involves lifts, tucks, and liposuction. What this aims to do is remove excess skin or fat while also tightening a certain portion of your skin to give you beautiful and sleek features. More often than not, body sculpting procedures are scheduled in phases where multiple parts of your body will undergo procedures over a set amount of time. We want you to have time to recover between each procedure while still getting your overall look as soon as possible.

Is It Better To Do One Before the Other?

While you can schedule these procedures in any order you wish, we’ll recommend a set pattern after you consult with us. Most of our patients prefer to do body sculpting before any specified cosmetic procedure if they are planning to get them done. This allows you to feel better about your body as a whole first, then proceed to enhance the features you want to promote after the fact. However, those who are looking to have only one cosmetic procedure typically opt for a specified procedure like breast or buttocks augmentation. It depends on what your desires are and what we can make happen after our consultation. We believe in transparency at Del Ray Face and won’t recommend any level of body sculpting if we don’t feel we can get the results you want.

How Much Time Should You Set Aside for Body Sculpting?

It all depends on what your body goals are and how varied the body sculpting procedures are. For instance, if you are interested in working on your thighs and arms, then one session would be dedicated to both and there would be a recovery period in between. How long said recovery period lasts varies per person, but usually is between one and three weeks after the first session as long as the healing process has been going well and you are comfortable having more done. Throughout this process and before we begin, you will discuss with our physicians how you are feeling and when you hope to achieve your goals. If things are moving too quickly, we can take a break before continuing your cosmetic procedures.

If you still have questions about whether body sculpting is right for you, give us a call at 310-823-4444. From there, we can set up a consultation at our Los Angeles location. Del Ray Face is here for you, so don’t wait to contact us!


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