3 Factors to Consider Before Having Body Sculpting Done

body-sculpting-treatment Body Sculpting treatments are all about getting the looks you want for your overall body. Unlike augmentation procedures that focus on a specific area of your body like your face, breast, or buttocks, these treatments cover the areas in between that you want to enhance. This can involve liposuction, various lifts and tucks, and general reshaping of the skin around the limbs and torso. Given that this is more of a wide-ranging treatment type, it’s important to consider some factors before your first consultation. Continue reading to find out more.

Enhancement Over Augmentation

As we mentioned, this type of procedure is meant to refine the look of your limbs and torso to match whatever goals you may have. With that being said, it’s typically about removing excess fat, tightening skin, or removing excess skin. While this fat can be repurposed into enhancing other parts of your body, there isn’t anything going on here that involves adding anything not from your body. It also doesn’t typically involve more intense levels of reconstruction. The changes are meant to be slight but impactful. Whereas with something like breast augmentation, for instance, you are adding a type of implant to give your breasts a more defined shape. Or like during a facial surgery, you could be restructuring large portions of your face’s original shape. Overall body sculpting treatments are typically more reserved in approach and aim to make an impact typically with other procedures being done.

Typically Done in Groupings

Going off that point, many body sculpting procedures are done together or are planned out after you augment a key feature of your body. Many times, individuals who have a cosmetic procedure done realize they want their entire body to match that look as well. So maybe you’ve augmented your buttocks, but you’re not happy with your thighs. That’s where body sculpting would come into play. It is because of this point that body sculpting is typically planned out alongside other procedures after you’ve had a consultation with one of our lovely physicians. We understand that you want your looks to be as amazing as they can be as soon as possible. That’s why we’ll work with you to group procedures and plan things out over time to get it all done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Recovery Time Is Still a Must

While that is our goal always, recovery is still of utmost importance. We don’t want to rush your body through high levels of any kind of enhancement or augmentation. The human body is an amazing thing, but it has its limits and needs to be cared for. Just like you. So we will have frequent check-ins before and after a procedure to see how you and your body are faring and plan future procedures accordingly. Furthermore, this is where we want to stress our transparency at Del Rey Face. We will not recommend body sculpting or any other treatments if we do not believe we can achieve the results you desire. The choices are yours at the end of the day, but we will not encourage procedures that we feel will not succeed to your expectations.

If you have any other questions or concerns about body sculpting treatments you can always reach us at our Los Angeles, CA, location by calling 310-823-4444. Del Rey Face is here to make your dreams a reality, so don’t wait, give us a call.


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