Hairline Feminization Surgery: Explore Your Hair Grafting Options

Beauty,Woman,Face,Healthy,Clean,Natural,Beautiful,Skin,Care.,Female Generally, male hairlines tend to be higher than female hairlines with a defined “M” shape. With hairline feminization surgery, transgender women can have their hairlines rounded and brought forward to create a more feminine appearance. Keep reading to learn more about hair grafting, one of the common techniques for achieving a more feminine hairline.

How Does Hair Grafting Work?

Hair grafting, also known as hair transplantation, was originally developed to treat hair loss in people who suffered from baldness. The technique has an established medical history dating back to the 1950s.

In this procedure, a surgeon will extract a small section of hair-containing skin from an unnoticeable spot. After closing the donor area, they’ll split the removed skin into hundreds of small grafts.

Alternatively, surgeons can remove donor hairs one by one. Both options are unnoticeable because the hair around the donor area hides the loss.

Once the grafts are ready, the surgeon will insert them in the target areas. In hairline feminization surgery, transplantation usually involves creating a rounder hairline that sits further forward on the head than in most males.

How Long Does Hair Grafting Take?

Each patient is different, but this goes beyond individuals recovering from surgeries at distinct rates. Everyone also has their own unique idea of how they want to look, which can impact how many treatments you’ll need.

Effective clinicians can typically complete hair grafting transformations in six months or less. Spacing the sessions like this gives the body time to recover between procedures. Each procedure may last a few hours, so taking it at a comfortable, healthy pace is important.

Is Hair Transplantation Noticeable?

Hair grafting has the distinct advantage of using your own hair. This method ensures a consistent appearance in most patients. You may experience minimal scarring in the transplanted areas, but this clears up with time.

Talk to a Plastic Surgeon at Del Rey Face About Hair Grafting

Hair grafting is just one way to achieve an appearance that matches how you want to be viewed. If you’re interested in discovering whether hairline feminization in Los Angeles is right for you, schedule a consultation with the specialists at Del Rey Face at 310-823-4444.


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