How to Prepare for Gender-Affirming Body Sculpting Surgery

Slimming,Concept.,Young,Woman,In,White,Underwear,Demonstrating,Her,Perfect Hormones play a huge part in how your body is shaped. While hormone therapy can change the curves of your body over time, a lot of the development takes place during puberty. Gender-affirming body sculpting surgery can help alter the shape of your body to look more feminine than hormones alone.

Understanding what is possible and what is involved in body sculpting surgery can help you understand what you can expect.

Can You Take Hormones Prior to and After the Procedure?

There is no one set of criteria that must be met for gender-affirming body sculpting surgery. Most experts say you should engage in at least a year of hormone therapy to give your body time to redistribute fat. However, if you are not a candidate for hormone therapy, we can discuss your specific needs and circumstances to create a treatment plan that works for you.

Do You Have to Be at a Certain Weight or BMI?

In general, you should have a BMI of 30 or lower to be a good candidate for body sculpting procedures. This is because the risk of complications increases with a higher BMI. Additionally, it can be difficult to achieve ideal results with a BMI above 30.

How Many Procedures Are Needed to Achieve Your Ideal Appearance?

How many sessions are needed depends on how dramatic a change a patient is seeking. Some people only need one procedure, while others may combine multiple to achieve their goals. Often, procedures can be paired to work together to get the silhouette you want. For example, fat can be removed from the waistline for a larger waist-to-hip ratio and then used to add additional softness to the buttocks.

Are There Any Other Health Concerns?

Our team will go over your medical history, including your history of hormone therapy. Certain conditions, such as issues with liver function, can mean someone is not a good candidate for body sculpting at this time.

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