Is Facial Feminization Surgery Necessary?

facial feminization surgery 
There are many ways a transgender person can enhance their appearance to be more in line with how they’d like to look; even though it may not be a medical necessity, or even a social one, facial feminization surgery (FFS) can have many emotional and psychological benefits.

Why Facial Feminization Surgery Can Make a Difference in Gender Affirmation

For many transgender people, there is a stereotypical “look” that their preferred gender has. Even cisgender women often feel heavy pressure to conform to certain looks that are popular in the media, and these aesthetics often focus heavily on facial features like the lips and cheeks.

However, for a trans woman or nonbinary person who prefers a feminine look, it can be difficult to truly feel themselves if they have masculine facial features. This can include a prominent brow or larger, sculpted nose, sharp facial features, and a more pronounced jawline, chin, or Adam’s apple.

Through facial feminization surgery, patients can soften, round, and contour the face to be more in line with their idea of femininity. This can ultimately help them feel more at home in their bodies, confident in themselves, and more in touch with their gender identity.

There are often some social benefits, too. Patients who had more masculine appearances prior to FFS can often be perceived more frequently as female by strangers; this can be a major confidence booster for transgender women.

No One Needs Facial Feminization Surgery, But It Can Help You Feel Better About Your Appearance

Every transgender identity is valid regardless of how feminine or masculine your facial features are. Just as some cisgender men have softer features and women have more typically “masculine” faces, their gender is not linked to their physical appearance.

However, as inclusive as society has become, there are still many ideas that persist about what really looks feminine or masculine. There is nothing wrong with deciding that you would like to change some features of your face to be more inline with your ideal self.

At Del Rey Face, we are dedicated to helping transgender people confirm and connect with their gender identities through empowering cosmetic procedures. To learn more about FFS and discuss your options, please contact our office in Marina Del Rey, CA, at 415 666-2525.


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