Jaw Reduction as Part of Your FFS

Lifting lines advertising of face contour correction skin and neck lifting Jaw reduction can be an important part of your facial feminization procedure (FFS) – a jaw that is smaller, less “sharp,” and symmetrical helps to create a more feminine face. Are you considering jaw reduction?

What Can a Jaw Procedure Do for You?

Asymmetry of the jaw is very common. It may have been caused by genetics, dental work, developmental changes, or an injury or illness. And of course, a larger jaw that is more square in shape is a traditionally male feature.

Jaw reduction can be done to reshape the lower jaw bone so it looks rounder, less square, and more feminine. It may include shaving bone off the lower edge of the jaw to make the jawline more narrow and shaving layers of bone off of the sides of the jaw. Reducing the chewing muscles (the masseter muscles) can also be done to help make the jaw look smaller. It may even be possible to use fillers to change the shape of the jaw and even help it to look more youthful.

A jaw reshaping procedure might include orthognathic surgery, which is done to help correct irregularities of the jaw bones. It also helps to align your upper and lower jaws. It not only helps with structure but also jaw conditions and even airway issues. If you need orthognathic surgery, your doctor may tell you to have this first and to give your bone time to heal.

Of course, your doctor will be able to advise you on what techniques for jaw reduction will work best for you and will be able to tell you if you need orthognathic surgery as well. In the end, those who opt for a jaw procedure as part of their FFS will have a natural looking, balanced, and more feminine jaw, which makes for a more feminine looking face.

A contoured, tapered, and smaller jaw is one hallmark of the female face. If you are interested in finding out what a jaw procedure can do for you, contact Del Rey Face for a consultation today. Call the office in Marina Del Rey, California, at 310-823-4444.


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