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If you want more defined lips that show your smile a bit more, a lip lift may be perfect for you. This procedure can also help recapture the appearance of your younger years by subtly increasing volume and reducing lines. At Del Rey Aesthetics Center in Marina Del Rey and Long Beach, California, experienced facial plastic surgeon Monica Kieu, DO, understands your goals and is here to help you look your best. Request an appointment online or by phone to learn more about lip lift now.

Lip Lift

What is a lip lift?

A lip lift is a minor surgery in which Dr. Kieu slightly shortens the distance between your top lip and the base of your nose. With a lip lift, you'll expose a couple millimeters of your teeth when you're relaxed with your mouth open.

A lip lift creates a more lifted look that can also make your lip look fuller and more youthful. Lips lifts are part of facial feminization surgery in many cases. Male-to-female transgender patients often opt for lip lift because it creates a more feminine look.

Am I a good candidate for a lip lift?

There are several reasons that you might be a good candidate for a lip lift. If you have a heavy upper lip, or if your upper lip isn't well defined, you may find that a lip lift is a perfect way to balance your lips and achieve the desired shape.

Some patients choose lip lift when they notice lip drooping or sagging due to aging. A lip lift is often part of a facelift procedure for that reason.

If you don't like the results you get with dermal fillers, because your upper lips turn down or under naturally, a lip lift can correct that issue permanently. You may not even need fillers in the future, but if you do, the results will be much better thanks to the newly rebalanced upper lip.

Should I get a lip lift or lip fillers?

Lip fillers are mainly used for volume, although Dr. Kieu can also do some lip reshaping with them as well. Fillers can change the look of your lips, but they can’t change the position of your upper lip the way a lip lift can.

If your main goal is a more defined, more feminine, or more balanced upper lip, a lip lift is a good option. Although lip lifts can also make your upper lip look fuller, they don’t usually add the same amount of plumping as fillers. Some patients opt for fillers after their lip lift to enhance their new lip proportions.

The choice between lip lift and fillers also depends on whether you want temporary or permanent results. A lip lift is permanent, while fillers like Juvéderm® last around a year in lips.  

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