What To Expect During Recovery From Buttock Augmentation

plastic surgeon marking womans body for surgery For males transitioning to females, a buttock augmentation can help them achieve the shapely curves commonly associated with the female body. A buttock augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that contours and enhances the shape of the buttocks, giving the body a more feminine, curvy appearance.

If you’re interested in a buttock augmentation from Del Rey Face, here’s what you can expect from the procedure and recovery.

What Is Buttock Augmentation Surgery Like?

Buttock augmentation involves the transfer of fat from a donor site on the body to the buttocks. During the procedure, your surgeon will remove and purify the fat and redistribute it to the buttocks, contouring and shaping it.

What To Expect During Recovery

During your recovery, you cannot sleep on your back and will not be able to sit normally for the first couple of weeks. Some exceptions may include when you are eating or using the restroom.

When you are able to start sitting on your buttocks again, you’ll place a pillow under your hamstrings. This will help to elevate your bottom off the seat or other surfaces. Most of the time, this part of the recovery process will take about two months.

While you may experience some pain and discomfort during the first week or so of your recovery, most patients find their pain well-maintained with various treatments.

You’ll also come in to see your surgeon throughout the recovery. If you have questions or concerns, you’ll be in contact with your doctor at all times. They’ll provide detailed instructions during your consultation and following your procedure.

This is a big procedure, but in the right hands, it can create the desired outcome you want.

Schedule an Initial Consultation To Learn More About Buttock Augmentation

At Del Rey Face Leaders in Facial Feminization Surgery, we aim to provide our clients with the best level of support during their transition. When you meet with us, we’ll go over all of the steps to expect before, during, and after your procedure. You can learn more about buttock augmentation in Marina Del Rey, CA, when you contact us at 310-823-4444.


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