What Age Can I Get a Gender-Affirming Procedure?

Transgender,Day,And,Lgbt,Pride,Month,,Lgbtq+,Or,Lgbtqia+,Concept. Transgender men and women begin experiencing gender dysphoria at a young age. A study found that the mean age was 6.17 for transgender women and 6.71 for transgender men. This has caused many to wonder at what age they can have a gender-affirming procedure. Gender-affirming procedures alter a person’s physical appearance to more closely resemble that of the gender they identify as.

This article will discuss the age restrictions–and exceptions–of gender-affirming procedures.

Are You 18 or Over?

If you are at least 18, you do not need to wait for a gender-affirming procedure. As a legal adult, you can make your own decisions. Take your first step by scheduling a consultation with one of our team members today.

Are You Under 18?

If you live in California, the laws have been updated and continue to change. One law allows for gender-affirming surgery to be available to those who are not yet 18 with the consent of your parent or legal guardian’s permission to do so.

As a major factor in your life, parents play a role in your access to this care. It may be a good idea to bring your parents with you to a consultation. Discuss what you are hoping for and determine what options may be available. Educating them on the procedure and its importance for you can encourage them to support your decision.

When Is It Safe?

The other factor you need to consider is when it is safe to make such a decision. Are you in generally good health? Do you have any pre-existing health conditions? Working with an experienced plastic surgeon can help lower the risk of complications, but they likely will only operate once a general physician clears you.

In other words, if you have parental consent or are 18 or older, schedule a consultation with one of our professionals; we can determine if you are a good candidate for these procedures and provide you with the support you need.

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You can learn more about gender-affirming procedures in Marina Del Ray by contacting our team at Del Rey Face, Leaders in Facial Feminization Surgery. Schedule a consultation at 310-823-4444 or submit an online contact form.


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